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Tianjian structure 3D code, make the commodity market more transparent!

Article source: publicity department date :2018-12-15


With the arrival of online retail,enterprises use the Internet、big data、artificial intelligence and other technical means to accelerate the upgrading of commodity production,circulation and sales process, and then the ecosystem,And the premise that all these is each commodity must have the characteristics of one thing and one code。Tianjian structure 3D code gives this feature to your product!

When each product is endowed with one thing and one code characteristics,whether it is through online or offline terminals, or through channels and distributors to reach the hands of consumers; Tianjian structure 3D code can weave a huge data Internet for enterprises to record the full channel traceability information of products and grasp the product flow and inventory status in real time In the process of product circulation。

One thing one code, is that each commodity has its own unique identification code, but what this code can bring enterprises?

Tianjian structure 3D code analyzes for you:

Security authentication

From tianjian anti-counterfeiting technology industry experience accumulated over the years, through the original intention of technology and innovation patents, to promote the industry to high, fine, sharp evolution;For example, when the counterfeit products are becoming more and more realistic and the adverse effects are constantly expanding, in the most basic two-dimensional code design, Tianjian structure 3D code is required to innovate a patent product with strong concealment, visibility, randomness, and high anti-counterfeiting strength . Tianjian structure 3D code can be applied to a variety of packaging;With special identification equipment, it can help national law enforcement personnel, enterprise inspectors, consumers identify the authenticity quickly,combat counterfeiting effectively,Strengthen market regulation, help partners to develop at ease。

marketing interaction

Consumers participate in the marketing interaction by scanning the code, Tianjian structure 3D code marketing system through continuous learning and data mining technology, to obtain consumer behavior data, accurate clustering for the consumer, enterprise understand consumer demand more, and recommend more suitable for customers, more enjoy, more diversified promotional activities, make marketing strategy with more scientific and more accurate.

It can bring convenience to enterprises and users and pull the distance between enterprises and users Through this product big data, people getting to know each other face to face and build bridges through Tianjian structure 3D code, so that the brand can provide users with better services, consumers can spread for the brand。