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Solution overview

The anti-counterfeiting identification carrier plays a vital role as the presentation entry and landing entity of the traceability system. Product anti-counterfeiting is the premise and basis for traceability and anti-channel conflict. Without strong anti-counterfeiting capabilities, all anti-channel conflict and traceability activities are meaningless. If you can't ensure that the product is genuine, the marketing of the product is futile.

The structural 3D codeThe structural 3D code anti-counterfeiting label uses the patented technology of “authentic structure anti-counterfeiting” provided by Hainan Tianjian, which is not only compatible with all features of QR code, but also has anti-counterfeiting characteristics, and solves the problem that the QR code is not anti-counterfeiting,It is structural , three-dimensional, unique and non-replicable, It is physical(physical carving, not ink printing stack),truly solves the world-class anti-counterfeiting problem of "not easy to forge, most easily recognized"The combination of physical identification and Internet information has also enabled consumers to “recognize authenticity first, then purchase”

Solution design

1 Anti-counterfeiting – Tianjian structural 3D code application
2 Anti-channel conflict – Intelligent anti-channel conflict pre-warning application
3 Multi-level channel management - Online collection and RFID system application
4 Traceability- Application of Tianjian Integrated Information Management Platform
5 Customer Relationship Management – New Marketing Model
6 Big data analysis




Anti-counterfeiting –the application of Tianjian structural 3D code


Tianjian structural 3D code: :The anti-counterfeiting elements and information collection are randomly carved on a proprietary structural material in a physical manner, which make different parts are randomly presented with different depths and different color structural features. It is structural, unique, three-dimensional, non-reproducible, physical, and difficult to reproduce. Consumers can verify the authenticity of Tianjian structural 3D code through mobile phone scanning, and realize the interaction of product information and digitalization.

The features of Tianjian structural 3D code

(1)Tianjian structural 3d code is a general summary of the code and anti-counterfeit identification, it is a connector, it is an information window and it has an obvious personality characteristics.

(2)Perfectly compatible two-dimensional code features and different from the printing two-dimensional code. Itself has anti - counterfeit characteristics and it is structural, three - dimensional, unique, could not be copied in physics.

(3)Using a multi-layer color structure material , and it’s not a common material could be brought from market.

(4)Touching it with a random deep and concave structural feature by hand , and it is not ink stack printed matter.

(5)Tianjian structural 3D code not only a information and carrier , but also really combine the anti-counterfeiting feature and code.

(6)Combined the Internet and Tianjian structural 3D code to achieve anti-counterfeiting, anti-channel conflict and mobile marketing by scanning 3D codes.

Authenticity query

Anti-channel conflict - intelligent anti-channel conflict warning application

Tianjian 3D code is a connector, which is the connection channel between code and object, enterprise and end consumer. The enterprise associates the product information with the three-dimensional data, locates and records the position through the consumer scan the structural 3Dcode, and compares it with the authorized product distributor and authorized sales area set in the system database, and finally the inconsistent product information, dealer information, Tianjian three-dimensional code information, geographical location information and time information are displayed in the background system, which provides early warning tips for the fleeing goods, and plays a role in anti-channel conflict.

The joint application of Tianjian structural 3D code and intelligent anti-channel conflict early warning system enables each consumer to participate in the enterprise anti-channel conflict management, which makes the inspection of the enterprise market inspectors have clear objectives and pertinence, and reduce the cost of enterprise management.

Multi-level channel management - online collection system and RFID system application

In order to give full play to the function of Tianjian structural 3D code, the logistics delivery process is regulated by Tianjian structural 3D code, and the production management is strengthened by setting up an online collection system on the production line.Combined with the use of Tianjian integrated information management platform,it effectively manages the flow of products and logistics between all levels of dealers and terminal stores, inventory at all levels, and shipping data. and provides information for multi-level channel management.

Traceability-Tianjian intergated information management platform application.

The integrated information platform is a management platform based on information technology, with systematic management ideas, providing decision-making operational means for decision-making layers and employees. It realizes the integration of internal resources of the enterprise and external resources related to the enterprise, and can closely integrate the human, financial, material, production, supply, sales and corresponding product traceability, logistics, information flow, capital flow, management flow, etc. To achieve resource optimization and sharing.

Through this system, the logistics information of products can be entered dynamically all the time, the flow of products can be traced, the whole chain of quality inspection of multi-level dealers and terminal customers can be traced, and consumers can query and interact.

The integrated information platform system is a B/S architecture, and all the daily operations can be performed as long as the computer can connect to the Internet. Through the platform system, the products can be accurately tracked and supervised, and the relevant management personnel can timely understand the information such as inventory and delivery status, and can accurately carry out overall management.

Scan code landing page: area function module

Customer Relationship Management - New Marketing Model

Tianjian structural 3D code is a window of product information and customer data. It combines Tianjian's own customer relationship management system (CRM system), takes customer data as the management core ,automates the activities of marketing, sales, service, rebate, customer group management, etc. by using the combination of Tianjian structural 3D code and mobile internet information technology. And use the Tianjian structural 3D code and customer relationship management system to build a customer information database, collect, manage, analyze, and use this information to help enterprises achieve customer-centric marketing management.

Using the front end of the Tianjian 3D code and customer relationship management system, the basic function modules are as follows:

Relying on the integrated information platform of our company, we will award the structural 3D code through the system, and we can carry out various online marketing activities such as paying attention to win WeChat red envelop, scanning the code to get mobile traffic, winning mobile phone charges by points, winning scenic spot tickets by scraping the prize on mobile pages, and so on.

While consumers can conveniently realize all kinds of queries, enterprises shorten the distance with consumers through precision marketing. Consumers naturally participate in the marketing activities of the company by scanning Tianjian structural 3D code, realize online and offline interaction, comprehensively improve the brand value and achieve a win-win situation.

The authenticity could be checked by scanning the mobile phone, and the advertisement could be saw in the background interface, which realize the mobile marketing. The marketing platform has a large amount of exchange resources, high quality and rich content. Including more than 2,000 kinds of prizes such as card coupons, WeChat red envelopes, traffic, phone bills, and physical prizes, and updating the online exchange products from time to time, it is closer to the distance between consumers and consumers.

Big Data Analysis

Through precision marketing activities, companies have narrowed the gap with consumers, increased consumer loyalty to products, and increased customer retention. Through the consumer scanning the Tianjian 3D code on the anti-counterfeit label, the enterprise grasps the consumer basic data by using the integrated information platform, understands the consumer's preferences, location, purchasing power, frequency of consumption, and also grasps the product’s marketing status and promotion effects in the in various places .